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The GuruGanesha Band: Making Its Mark on Mantra Music


The GuruGanesha Band just may be the mantra-music band of the year.  They’ve been making waves at every stop in their inaugural bi-coastal North American tour, which kicked off in March on the West Coast and is now entering the final leg of its Eastern tour.

“This year is a pilot,” GuruGanesha Singh told The Bhakti Beat June 1, before his first of two shows in the historic Town Hall of Shelburne, Vt.  “And the pilot has passed with flying colors.”

Something tells us we’re going to be hearing a lot more soul-rockin’ mantra music from this troupe…

Check out this new video from their show June 1, a roof-raising rhythm melding Sikh mantra with English lyrics built around the central message to “Call on the Light Within.”  It’s a brilliant demonstration both of the exquisite musicianship of each individual band member as well as the overall message behind the music, which as GuruGanesha puts it, is to “uplift and connect people to their own divinity.”  We dare you not to feel uplifted after watching this…

The GuruGanesha Band is GuruGanesha Singh (lead vocals, guitars), Michelle Hurtado (vocals, harmonium), Hans Christian (cello, sitara, saranghi, nykelharpa), Sat Kartar Singh (rhythm guitar), Daniel Paul (tabla), and GuruSangat Singh (bass), with soundman Russel Green (aka Naad Raj) joining in on electric violin.

GuruGanesha Band: The Pilot

For details on where The GuruGanesha Band is heading next, see www.guruganesha.com

View a photo album from the June 1-2 performances.

Stay tuned here for more video from the most recent shows and clips of our interview with GuruGanesha.

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